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OPS also have experience in recruiting experienced candidates across the industrial, warehouse, logistics & driving professions,  we are a leading logistics and warehouse recruitment agency with offices in London.

Our logistics and warehouse recruitment agency in London can provide warehousing and logistics professionals and our dedicated team have the relevant skills and

experience to fully understand our client’s

requirements. Our logistics and warehouse 

recruitment agency in London also recruits to a

wide range of warehouse jobs in UK for

management roles including senior managers,

co-ordinators and supervisors. OPS Services

specialises in recruiting experienced candidates for

warehouse jobs in London  and around the M25.

Pickers & Packers


  • Shift Workers

  • Food Operatives

  • Experienced/Skilled Warehouse Operatives

  • Maintenance Person

  • Dispatch Assistant

  • Cleaners

  • Refuse Loaders

  • Industrial Cleaners

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Warehouse Supervisor

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