OPSCare offer a helping hand to get that job done as they arise, whether it be your personal care or with your day-to-day tasks such as shopping, cooking, running errands, cleaning or making telephone calls.


Our Care assistants can offer a short time stay – while you recover from an operation, for example – or long-term, providing 24-hour care to help and support you as you remain in your own home.They might be there to support you permanently or it might be your family carers that need a break – ask us about respite care.


Being taken care of in your own home can be more affordable than you might think, offering a real alternative to residential care.​Our carers are trained to understand your needs, seeing things from your point of view, fitting in with your routines and the way you want to live your life.


Our carers are skilled in the tasks you need them to undertake for you, because they are obliged to complete our induction training successfully before they start working for us, and they top up their skills through our specialist courses and refresher training.


OPSCare is licensed health care profession with experience of understanding individual as unique in deciding what service of care is required to maintain their independence.

Some of the services we offer:​​


Hospital Discharge Service

Personal Care

Palliative Care

Live-in care

24hr Care in your home

Risk Assessment in the Home

Personal Care Assessment in home​


Home Care Service​

We can assist you with your personal care such as bathing and shaving;


​We can also arrange to prepare your special meals as part of your chosen plan.​


As a reputable organisation we are committed, and understand the importance of social inclusion, therefore has included in our list of services companions and sitters, who can offer company and security.


Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that you will be safe in the best possible hands with all Criminal Checks carried out before a job is allocated. We dedicate our time and service to source in offering you a match between you and your carer.​


It’s important that you get along and feel comfortable in each other’s company. Therefore, we pride ourselves in building a therapeutic relationship with our clients.


As our carers dedicate time, attention and concern means you can be assured of their regular monitoring of your physical, psychological and emotional condition.​So, whether your main requirement is for personal care and domestic help, we can you in dealing with household administration or all of the following;


OPSCare easy 6 step process with no medical Jargons

At the first instance, our professional health care staff will discuss with you (and your representatives) your current situation, anns you may have, and give you a provisional idea of whether we cd the type of help you require. We would be able to answer any questioan help.



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