​OPSCare follow a sequence of steps to ensure an effective, respectful process without compromising a client safety. Choosing home-care for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting experience. ​Of course, over time your needs may change. You may need more or less care, the type or pattern of service may have to be varied, new risks may become apparent. So, again with your help, we will keep your needs under review and take decisions about the care accordingly.














Once a local authority has established that there is a need to provide a community care service and the service user meets eligibility criteria, we have a duty to provide that service.

Referral/Contact Stage

The first stage is when we receive a call from you or your relative, or even a referral made from people working on your behalf. The call could come from your GP or from the Local Authority. We will discuss a possible and convenient time to meet with you. Our specialist Care Team will explain the services we offer.

Information Gathering Stage

Our specialist Care team will meet with you to gather as much information as possible, in order to support your care plan. This process may involve seeking your consent to speak to other third parties that may or would be involved in your care. We will carry out our own risk assessment, and identify areas or sensitive issues.Complete relevant forms to avoid repetition; with clients/family confirming details afterwards. This process enable us understand your needs; and in turn helps us deliver the best possible care to you.

​​​Inform you of your plan in writing

We will explain in writing reasons for these information and how it is going to be used. The sharing of information we understand can often be of concern, however this is only done with your consent, although in some cases it may be impossible to withhold such information, such as to the Police or our Regulators CQC. However, it is vital that all information is shared to between us inorder to maintain care standards.

​​​Care Plan explained

Having assessed your needs and the risks in the situation, we then — again with help from you and your care specialist — prepare a plan for the care we expect to deliver. It will specify the services we will provide, with details like timings of care worker visits and the special tasks to be performed, and will state what we all hope to be the objectives of providing the service and how we plan to achieve those objectives.

Meeting your Carer

OPSCare will arrange for a suitable healthcare professional to support you in-line with your care plan and arrange for you to meet them to ensure that all of your needs are met. OPSCare will ensure your carer is well equipped with all relevant training before commencing work with you.

​​Commencing Care

We understand that in a crisis situation you need us to react quickly to allow a care package to start immediately. In such circumstances we will simplify our service delivery process and carry out an immediate assessment in order to facilitate a faster response.